WALLETS: zippy or snap?


Which type of wallet do you prefer?

  1. Zippy Wallet (all around zip closure)

  2. Snap Wallet (or wallet with a tradtional turn-lock or snap)

  3. I have both - it depends on my mood.

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  1. I have both and I used to use my zip all-the-way-around wallets more - but lately I've been using my wallets that snap closed more. The zip around is nice because I can just stuff things in it and zip it up - but I like the traditional look of a snap wallet.

    What about you? Zippy or Snap, and why?
  2. I don't have a preference between zippy or snappy, but I have to have a long checkbook style wallet, not a fat foldy-up one.
  3. Zippy. Feels more secure.

    I too have to have the long checkbook size wallet (even though I don't carry a checkbook). The fold up ones get too full too fast.
  4. I definitely prefer zip-around wallets! I like the long checkbook sized ones- they hold so much and nothing falls out.
  5. I use the snap/flap kind....both checkbook/clutch style and french. I dont have any zippy ones
  6. Zippers snag--my bag, my clothes, my rings, my nails, my skin. I would say I'm anti-zipper. It's my Amish side coming through...
  7. I need to get in and out fast so it's a snap wallet for me. It's hard enough to find my car keys I need something easy in my purse.
  8. yeah snappy is faster and requires less hand motions when in a rush!
  9. I can never deal with snaps - they never snap. Zippers are for me personally....I've also had snaps not hold up well even on my beautiful LV wallet.....:s
  10. I used to have a zipper checkbook style wallet. I loved it so much, but it got annoying because I couldn't fit it inside my small demi-size purses. At least not comfortably. If I wanted to pay for something, I'd have to remove my chapstick, keys, and cell before being able to pull out my wallet. And then it a was annoying having to pack everything back in. (Sorry, off topic.) :sweatdrop:

    Then my boyfriend and I went to the Vacaville Coach outlet and he purchased me a small snap leather wallet. I love it so much! It's actually easier to access, to me. Plus I feel that I can stuff more receipts, cards, etc inside because it has a snap and can be a little overstuffed.

    I don't have a problem with zipper wallets, but I think now I have a slightly larger preference with snaps more now because I can fit more inside and allow myself to overstuff it.
  11. Snap. It's more convenient.
  12. I have only used a snap wallet. It works for me.
  13. I don't really have a preference, I have wallets in both styles.
  14. Must be a snap. I don't know something about them zippies.. just don't look right. It makes you look like you are hiding a bunch of coins or something I dont know, always thought long style wallets looks a little more elegant..
  15. I like the snap and I find they last longer -- probably because I overstuff the zip ones!