Wallets Which one??


Which Wallet?

  1. Zippy Groom ( when they do decide to come out)

  2. Zippy Damier

  3. Zippy Azur

  4. Eugenie

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey everyone . Im in a need of a new wallet. ANd since no news from the groom line this Xmas im going crazy. Well if indeed its coming out for sure a Zippy wallet but if now what should i get? The eugenie wallet or the zippy organizer in Azur o Ebony Damier. ? please help i want this for xmas for myself. so please help me choice. Thank YOu :heart:
  2. I voted for the eugenie, you could always get the zippy groom when it comes out!
  3. I'm going crazy waiting on when and if the groom in damier will be here. I would wait just a little bit more and get something in the groom.
  4. of your choices, i prefer the eugenie.
  5. Eugenie! It's gorgeous!!
  6. I like the Azur line.. so I voted Azur Zippy --
  7. the Eugenie's my favorite; i love mine!
  8. I vote for the Zippy groom, such a beauty.
  9. I voted for the zippy azur, but if they do come out with zippy in damier groom that would be my choice. i love the eugenie, but i i would hate to scratch the clasp.
  10. I also voted for the eugenie..
  11. I like the damier zippy!
  12. Damier Zippy vote here. :smile:
  13. eugenie :smile:
  14. I just got my mono Eugenie yesterday. It is so classy and timeless.
  15. i vote for eugenie :smile:. azur is nice looking but i'll be afraid to use for a wallet due to the light color zip & interior