Wallets - where do you put your driver's license?

  1. Oh, dear kind people, please help my with a small (literally) problem. My goal is to have the inside of my bag all-Hermes, too!

    I'm sort of curious, though, where you keep your driver's license? Am I so accustomed to a wallet with a see-through compartment that I just can't think of anything else? I tried both a compact bearn and a small azap at different times, but just couldn't imagine how all that would work. I am leaning toward an azap long, but I confuse easily and go back and forth about what I want (and we're not even discussing color here! I could go for weeks on that...). Please help - I know you are all first-class enablers and advisors and I value your opinions.

    Thank you so much. :heart:
  2. awww, I can't help really......we don't display our drivers licences in our wallets here.......but I adore all the Azap wallets...the long would be easy to get your licence in and out of....or perhaps check out some of the men's styles?
  3. I just tuck my license behind one of my CCs. It's not something I'm showing a lot so it works there.
  4. lvrjrt, I put my license right up in the front slot as it's usually the most used card I have. And, that gives me fast, and easy access.
  5. I have a separate CC case where I put my licence. I know it's back to front, but I like to have my CCs in my wallet and any cards not entirely money related (such as licence, health insurance, misc membership cards, etc.) in my CC case.
  6. I put my license in the first slot in my Azap. If I had to "produce" the license, no police officer would accept it in a wallet with a see-through compartment anyway. I used to have one, and they made me take it out and hand it to them. Also, when you go through airline security, they will also make you take it out of the see-through compartment. So, I've found that it really doesn't make any difference.
  7. i have a dogon wallet and it's in there in one of the slots.
  8. I keep my DL, insurance ID card, registration and debit card in my Dogon wallet and keep my car key on the chain thingy. So, if I just need to run an errand or two, all I need to take is the Dogon key wallet.
  9. you can buy a plastic wallet insert for the wallet. i use it for my bearn wallet. if you decide on the compact wallet, you can just trim it to size.

    here's an example of what a plastic wallet insert is (picture from eBay):

  10. I have a dogon compact wallet, in it has only my drivers lic, identification card, 1 credit card and 1 ATM/Debit card in the card slots - my bare stuff.

    The rest of my cards, including those "members cards" is in the Clarisse Clutch thingy, so if I need to go out, it's just the Dogon wallet :yes:
  11. Thank you all so much, Grand Fonds, orchids, isus, Serenity Now, funnyredhead, pazt, NinjaSue, theITbag and princessfrog (hope I didn't leave anyone out). I can almost think out of the box now:smile: and I really appreciate it! Looks like I'll have to rethink that dogon! And the clarisse, too.