Wallets vs. Purses

  1. I was in the Coach store today admiring wallets...but for the life of me...I can't buy one!!! I just can't seem to come to the fact that for the same price as a wallet I can buy a whole purse...why is it that wallets are so much??? Is it because they're more complicated...perhaps someday I will break and get a wallet. But for now I'm sticking to my purses
  2. I know how you feel! I'll never pay retail for a wallet because it's just too much for such a small thing. That's why I get my wallets at the outlet. I got beautiful black and brown leather wallets for about $50-60 each a while back and they match all my black and brown bags. And I use a Legacy stripe wristlet as my wallet for my Legacy bags.
  3. I can't bring myself to pay that much for a wallet either, when I could buy a bag (or maybe even 2 at the outlet) for the same price. I bought a nice leather wallet at the outlet for $56, good enough for me :yes:
  4. I feel the same way. I have two coach wallets. One is from the outlet, and the other is a signature stripe zip around, which I love, but I wouldn't have gotten if I hadn't had PCE.
  5. well, i paid full price for my 1 coach wallet in 2005. i figure i have used it every day since then, so really it is just pennies a day! dont think i have gotten quite that value out of my bags. course no i want an accordion zip around wallet...
  6. My advice for you would to be to maybe invest in one. Just do it trust me you wont regret it. I got a black sig coach wallet in Aug 2004 and it is the only one I have.

    I have used it EVERYDAY (whats that like 3 years and 4 months?) and it is still in excellent condition (I havent babied it either!) It doesnt even have one thread popping out, and since its black sig, its not dirty either plus I clean it with the sig cleaner every once ina while.

    My sister did buy one just like mine right after but in a baby blue color and it had a little bit of suede and it is nasty now. So I would tell you buy one in a color that you can use for a long time and no suede!!

    I am on the hunt for a new wallet :graucho: so I can retire this one...
  7. This is my constant dillemma too ! I know I need one though because i have to take all of my cards and cash out of my wristlet and sort them when I need one to pay for something or for my license or insurance card, it takes time out of my life so time is worth the money and I have some perfectly good wallets that I just don't use with my coach bags, I don't know, I guess it just bothers me that they don't match or not Coach so I am waiting for an outlet wallet or for PCE but haven't seen any on sale that I like then when I do see one I remotely like, the decision always comes back to wanting to put that money toward a bag instead. Mrs MC and the vicious circle...sigh
  8. I think a quality wallet is a very worthwhile investment. I wouldn't give mine up and I am now looking for a new one, but none appeal to me yet. I generally buy a current style at outlet, so I save a good chunk of change on it, but they are never cheap. Still, I often receive more compliments on my wallets than on my bags!
  9. I only buy my wallets at the outlet or on eBay. But, of course, if you go the eBay route, please, please, please get it authenticated on this board! They have the bleecker wallets on eBay right now and some ended yesterday for around $80-90 for the nwt checkbook wallet! Otherwise, I would never pay full retail for one-even if I used it everyday. I would rather put my $ on a bag.
  10. I have one big wallet that holds my checkbook and everything but lately I have been using wristlets too for CC's and ID. I can just take the wristlet out if I want to keep my purse at home. But I agree, a wallet is a great investment esp if you plan on using it for a while.
  11. I'm feeling the same way too. I just got into Coach and just can't bring myself to buy a $200 wallet. So I'll just being using my fossil wallet until a wallet I can't live without comes around.
  12. I feel you on this. Try stalking TJMaxx or Stein Mart, they often carry coach wallets that are marked down considerably.
  13. i already buy the purse than to a wallet...