Wallets--Sarah or Zippy?

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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to ask your opinion on which style of long-wallet is better/easier to use etc., the Sarah or the Zippy Wallet? I have used Sarah Monogram before and love it, but want to get a wallet in Vernis now, so I was wondering if I should try Zippy or go for the oldie-but-goodie Sarah style?
  2. Zippy :yes:
  3. Personally, I prefer Sarah. It's a hassle to get in and out of Zippy and zippered handbag from my experience.
  4. Sarah! Zip are harder to get in and out of.
  5. I would say the Sarah
  6. I find the zip to be quite a hassle too. So I vote Sarah.
  7. Zippy! It feels secure zipped up IMO. I love my zippy vernis to pieces!
  8. Sarah ;)
  9. Sarah definitely. While I like the zippy, the metal on the "gold" zipper tarnishes. Mine was silver within a year and while you can get the zippers replaced, it takes 6-8 weeks, is a big hassle, and my SA said it will just happen again. I'll never buy a zippy again for that reason. I just hate how the zipper looks against any of the leathers (mono, damier, vernis) once the metal color starts to turn. I know some people don't notice it, but I'm so conscious of it. It's not just the pull; it's the entire zipper itself that will turn. My SA said it happens to all of them - it's the newer zippers they started using about 3 years ago. They will oxidize. Get the Sarah - it will stay as beautiful as as it is now in 10 years. My Porte Tresor International is almost 10 years old and still looks brand new. It's gorgeous. The zippy I gave my daughter - I can barely stand to look at it. The rest of the wallet is pretty and it's functional, but that silvery-gold looking zipper - ugh. I don't know why, when you're talking about a wallet that is almost $700 dollars that they can't put a really high quality zipper on the darn thing. Drives me nuts.
  10. Zippy :yes: I have an older zippy wallet and I just love it, I use it as a clutch sometimes when I go out - it's so great to be able to securely hold everything and not worry about it all falling out.
  11. Zippy! I have two and have never had a problem. I want my credit cards secure! I love that nothing falls out! I can just throw it in my bag and no problem!
  12. Sarah! I have it in multicolore and I love it to death. I don't have any problems with security. I guess that depends on what kind of person you are. There are types who just lose everything.
  13. Zippy!!
  14. definitely, Sarah!
  15. I love both! I would like to suggest that you give the Zippy a try since you already have a Sarah. The Zippy has more compartments therefor could hold more stuff. And you'll get use to the zipper, it's really not a hassle at all ... at least not to me. And I've never had any problems with tarnishing on any of my Zippy's or the zipper on the Sarah.

    Good luck, either wallet you choose is an excellent choice!