Wallets! Recommendations please!

  1. I want a new wallet, right now I am using the LV monogram wallet. My three current bags that I use the most are a honey Fendi Spy, taupe Paddy, and my new chocolate Muse. Any recs for a wallet that can be used with these three bags?

  2. IMO any wallet you like can go with any bag you choose to carry. My LV has traveled around in everything from a cheapo fanny pack to the LV Babylone tote. As for brands...

    I LOVED the selection at Bally, and I picked up a pebbled leather one yesterday for $295. So soft but thick enough to last. They also had a more delicate quilted lambskin, but I could see that one showing some wear early on. If they keep the great designs coming, I could easily see myself buying more in the future.