Wallets - pics >>>

  1. Playing hooky from work because of the snow, so I thought I'd share some pics of my new wallets:

    Slim envelope in green - I'm really excited because all my wallets have always been either brown or black. I can find this one a lot faster among all the other stuff in my bag:



    Love this geranium baby - my first red wallet:

  2. oooo...LOVE the green one!
  3. I love the colors, very nice!:love:
  4. love them both, such a great pop of color!!! great choices! :tup:
  5. I love that green as well ! I am thinking of getting it, as it will go with all of my bags ! And like you said it can be found easily inside the bag !
  6. that green is really growing on me!:graucho: The geranium is beautful as well.;) I know where you're coming from...I've always bought black wallets. This past summer I finally bought the Ergo French wallet in turquoise. I LOVE this wallet! Its just more fun to pull out a colorful wallet out of your bag rather than a black one. I don't know why, it just is...LOL:cutesy:
  7. wow I really love them both :tup:
  8. The Hampton wallets are great! Wonderful colors, and yes most of us had/have the brown and black. YES The colorful wallets are easier to find in your bag!
  9. I love the green!!
  10. Love the colors! They are gorgeous!
  11. The green is so beautiful! I love the color.
  12. That green really pops. Nice!
  13. Great wallets!!! I just love the all leather Coach products!!
  14. Love them both!
  15. I love them both, but especially the green! The lining is so pretty!