Wallets on Bluefly!!

  1. Black Money, Tomato (?) and Violet Compagnon all in GSH available right now!:nuts:
  2. grrr :cursing:.. i alway miss it!! I really wanted that tomato too!!
  3. OMG I wish I saw this earlier! I would have loved that Black Money with GSH...then again..I did just order it in RH yesterday along with the City :shame:
  4. Is $440 for the Violet Compagnon in GSH a good price?
  5. I saw this earlier & was so tempted but thank goodness they don't ship directly to where I am. I thought to use a shipper but too lazy to dig the address & all. Then in a flash the wallets were gone. But a few minutes ago, it was back up & available.
  6. yes! It retails for $545 plus tax
  7. Can someone tell me which one is more useful, Money or Compagnon? How much is it in RH for both? TIA.
  8. Thanks! I'm really lucky, got it with an extra 10% off and 6% cash back from Lucky Mag Rewards. Fingers crossed about the leather now -- I love mine significantly distressed.
  9. DARN! Oh well, I prefer RH anyway.. sigh.
  10. ^^Which one did you get? And what is Lucky Mag Rewards? - is there a code you want to share? :flowers:
  11. I think the compagnon would fit more inside, it is HUGE IRL!!:nuts:
    The Black money and Violet compagnon are still available now!:nuts:
  12. Hi beauxgoris, I got the Violet Compagnon in GSH today. The 10% code was provided by shirleebee in the Bluefly thread in Deals & Steals -- just click on the link below, then at checkout enter the code UTONE10 to get the discount applied.

    As for Lucky Mag Rewards -- this is at www.luckymagrewards.com. Works like e b a t e s -- click through when shopping to get cash back every quarter. You can sign up for free with a subscription to the magazine. Get the code above applied first, then click through the Lucky Rewards site. Hope this helps!
  13. Galex, the tomato wallet is back on bluefly!!:nuts:
  14. You know what? I think the Red SGH wallet looks like an angry pig(in a cute kind of way)!!! Don't you all think so?
  15. That's funny, I've heard that before for the GH bags too! I think Bluefly posted the images of the wallets upside down yesterday.