Wallets Nordstroms Stock

  1. Does anybody happen to have any pictures on know what any Nordstrom has as far as stock in wallets ?
    I have a gift card that I would love to burn and buy a wallet.. please help me out..
    Any chance there is the CC cambone wallet ?
  2. Nordstrom Mall of America has the Cambon french purse style in white, black, or black on black for $595. Also, the long style in white for $615.

    Plus, we have alot of other black caviar and lambskin wallets, too.
  3. Does the store have the caviar style that zips around, with the 2 cc's dangling at the end of the zipper
    I think that one retails for 650- came in a brick red, brown, black and I think blue ? It had the CC in the leather ?
  4. Oh I want that wallet too. Do we have a style number yet for that wallet ... it is 2die4:drool:

  5. No we do not have that one.
  6. Does anyone have a picture of the wallet that addisonshopper is talking about? Would love to see it.

  7. you can try the Nordstrom at Topanga Canyon.
  8. If you do, I recommend Lorie...she isn't rude and is very helpful.