Wallets for Men

  1. Hi All!

    My boyfriend has a birthday coming up in a month, and after his generous gift to me for our anniversary I'd love to get him something LV in return. He currently does not own anything but has expressed interest in a wallet. I'm not really familiar with mens wallets so I was hoping some of you could help me :smile:

    He's somewhat picky. Definately has to be a clear pocket for his ID to go in and lots of room for credit cards. He prefers tri-fold wallets. Needs to be in a tough canvas that can easily be cleaned, as he works in construction.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. a construction worker that rocks LV. i like the thought of that!
    it's not tri-fold, but sounds like you want to get the billfold w/9 slots. i think it's the only one that comes with the clear holder AND lots of CC slots. eLuxury only has it in mono, but i'd check to see if you can get it in damier. i think he'd prefer that canvas.

    edit: it also comes in taiga, which is nice too!!
  3. nomade is not as tough but it's gorgeous!
  4. epi~
  5. you might get a monogram glace it's discontinued but the compact wallet glace is anazingly hot.
  6. i have a multiple wallet in mono (i rarely buy outside of the monogram), i love it because the pockets on the right side are placed so you cansee ID without taking it out, a really cleaver technique by LV and i think any plastic in designer wallets is tacky thats IMHO
  7. I gave my husband an epi compact wallet in black and he loves it because it's indestructable which is very important. It looks great but the downside is it doesn't have that many cc slots (6) and therefor I bought him the matching cc wallet.
  8. i would have to say get him a epi wallet.
  9. Go for epi or taiga! Both options are great for a man.
  10. OT: hey you made it over here!! don't you love it here more than LV-LJ?? hehe. :smile:
  11. Damier Florin
  12. i agree with the taiga wallet..its very durable and strong..it witholds to lots of abuse!
  13. I'd go to the store and get a hands-on feel of all of them with your SA :smile:
  14. The nomade one with coin pocket in Caramel, def. my next LV wallet.