Wallets, coin purses, key chains...

  1. I now have my Beverly GM and need a wallet to join her! I've been looking at the Zippy organizer and zippy wallet. If you have either can you share your thoughts? I thought I'd get one or the other and the seperate checkbook cover. I also like the $150 key & change holder. Do any of you have the 6 key holder? If so, what do you like/dislike about it?

    I do have the Pochette that I put makeup in but thought the key & change holder would be great for lipgloss...

    Thanks in advance for the feedback! By the way, I ordered my purseket this morning and can't wait for it arrive!
  2. I bought a Zippy Wallet last year and it's absolutely gorgeous (my daughter stole it from me! and I'm thinking about buying another). The Zippy organizer is pretty, but it's huge! It was way too big for any of my bags. I don't think you can go wrong with the Zippy Wallet. It's beautiful and has so many places for everything that you will be wonderfully organized.

    The key cles is great too. Can easily hold several lip glosses and your keys.

    I have the 4-key holder in Vernis Pomme and it's a really pretty piece too.

    You can't go wrong with any of these!
  3. I have the zippy wallet and absolutely love it! It's the best wallet out there, IMO! I just bought the new cles in pomme on Sunday. I love it, too. Very pretty color and it's bigger than the old cles.
  4. I have the Zippy Organizer and love it because I put all my receipts in the flap for the checkbook. Its only .6" longer and wider than the Zippy wallet, so its not that much of a difference. But its big! If you get the organizer than you dont need to buy a checkbook cover as the wallet will hold your checkbook.

    I want to suggest the Zippy coin purse to you, I use this now more often. Its perfect for grocery shopping where you dont want to take your purse. It fits in your back pocket too.

    Also I dont know if the key/change holder will hold a lip gloss, it depends on how small your gloss is.

    Just head in to the store and put all your stuff in the wallets you like and try them out. Thats the best way to see if you will like something.
  5. I adore the zippy wallet, it's my favorite when I'm carrying a purse large enough to hold it. I use a koala or a french purse in smaller handbags. And then my checkbook is separate. I would love it if they came out with a vernis checkbook cover!
    You're going to love your purseket for organizing your stuff & making it easy to switch from purse to purse. Just watch out as some TPFers have had bleeding issues with dark fabric pursekets.
    Have fun organizing!
  6. This website is just awesome. The ladies aren't just nice, you are extremely helpful and precise!!

    I have the Beverly mono and would love the Zippy Organizer as I like to carry my checkbook, coins and all my receipts without having to carry a seperate holder for each. I'm heading to Saks next Saturday after lusting and lusting on the LV website for weeks and weeks. Not sure how I'm going to swing it after the expensive Beverly puchase!

    Not sure how everyone has so many bags...please do tell me what you 'do' so I can do it as well! Just kidding.

    Thanks again!
  7. I wish I knew how to get by with less "stuff" with me, but it seems that I NEED to have in my wallet all of the following (in no particular order:
    *cash (bills and coins)
    *receipts from the drycleaners
    *library card
    *video rental card
    *drivers' license
    *AAA card
    *health insurance ID card
    *loyalty or discount or frequent purchaser cards from various coffee shops, grocery stores, DICKS SPORTING GOODS, Sephora, etc.
    *coupons for the carwash
    *department store coupons
    And so much more!
    I use the Zippy Organizer, and I don't even carry my credit cards or my checkbook in it! How do you girls get away with it...? But, anyway, I love my Zippy Organizer. Its Monogram, I bought it about 3 years ago from elux, and it is a workhorse. And looks almost as perfect today as it did when it was brand-new!
  8. i have 2 4key holders bc i love them to death! one is vernis and the other is glace! its great for keys and a twenty and a cc and you are out the door! i keep emergency cash in there that i can forget about, until needed. its nice to have a stash!
  9. YES - need my life in my wallet as well. Now, I just bought the Pomme D'Amour Key & Change Holder and want the Zippy Organizer. Was buying the change holder impetuous? Is this something I'll already have with the Zippy Organizer?
  10. hmm.. what about the eugenie wallet? the shape is soo classy just like the beverly!