Wallets below USD300


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Jan 19, 2006
Hello! :biggrin:

Just wondering if there are any gorgeous wallets at less than USD300. Would greatly appreciate if you can share a pic or two or tell me more about them.

Am thinking of buying a new wallet in a couple of months time so doing some research now. :nuts: Hoping to find one that has a pic holding compartment.

My wish was to get LV Suhali compact zipped wallet (even though without the pic holder) but dream dashed as it is way too expensive...... :sad:

I did a search before and couldn't find any thread on similiar topics. If I have replicated anything, would need to trouble the moderator to move it to an appropriate thread. Thanks in advance. ;)
may I know if anyone can help me on this?

- how much does a "Dior Flight" double face square wallet in calfskin cost?
- does it have a photo slot?

thank you!
divina_lucilla said:
why don't you try with furla wallets?
i own one and the leather is good and they are really pretty and simple!

How come I never think of Furla? Kkekekekekkee..... Thanks for reminding me. :biggrin: Could you be so kind to let me know which wallet you have?
i have a very simple one,very similar to this
I bought a really great salmon-colored wallet at a Kate Spade outlet. I got it for around $100 but originally is was only $195. The leather is nice. They also come in nice colors.
How about Lovcat? I'm not too crazy about their bags but they make really cute wallets. I have the ruffle wallet in pistachio (picture attached below! Along with a few other colors of this model - fuschia and violet, which I don't own anymore because I sold one and gave one away) and get so many compliments on it. :biggrin: It's very cleverly designed and you can get it for under $40 on ebay.

Here are some of their other designs: