Wallets and small goods

  1. For some odd reason it really bothered me yesterday at work that one of my customers had a real Marais but a knockoff PTI. I didn't say anything but in my mind it just really bothered me. Please discuss.
  2. :throwup: Ugh how can people do that?! Mix authentic with fake! :noggin:
  3. Perhaps she doesnt know her lv's that well, purchased the pti off ebay and has no clue ?

    I see what you mean though, its like of like :wtf: are you thinking :shrugs:
  4. I guess she's trying too hard..

    I don't think it will bother me that much when people carry fake as long as she doesn't flaunt it as real one and have attitude.
    Did she tell you it's fake PTI??
  5. Okay, what's a pti? I don't know too much about LV, but I know to only buy from eLuxury or a store to be sure of authenticity.
  6. Wallet Porte tresor International
  7. You know, I just thought of something....

    To these people who carry fakes, they really don't care about handbags. I mean, not like we all do. But, WE are OBSESSED with handbags and they are probably not.

    So, to us, this is the end all be all, but to them, I bet their just like "Who cares if it's real or not, it's just a bag". Kwim?

    I never really thought of it that way before, some people probably really don't think a handbag is anything special, just a place to throw their junk.

    Wow!!! I couldn't never think like that.....this is awful, but, whenever I'm thinking about if there was ever a fire in my house, how I would get everybody out, you know, I always try to think of a plan to save my handbags too!!! Now that's sick.
  8. bagsnbags, thanks. I keep switching over to eLuxury to look up what is mentioned and continue my education.

    As far as fake vs real, EVERYONE should care if they are contributing to illegal activities which buying fakes definitely is. There is an issue about who you are, too. Like real vs. fake diamonds, etc. You know even if no one else does. It should be about the user/owner, not the perception to the world.

    Okay, enough philosophy. I need to get off here and clean house!
  9. Well it was clearly a knock off, the lvs looked funny. It just bothered me because probably a kid made that. =/

    Haha, you know, being obsessed with bags, you can automatically tell it's real or not with just a glance.
  10. my friend's sister mixed her authentic with fakes. although she can afford authentic, but she still buy fakes as long as she can't differentiate with her authentics.

  11. Yknow, you have a valid point. I have to agree they just want an lv/designer bag to be noticed and nothing more. We on the other hand want an authentic bag regardless of the make because of the quality of the bag. I'm sure if many of these people had the chance to carry the real deal for the day they'd change their minds.

    I know for me i just couldnt understand the need to carry a $600+ speedy.. I was floored, even after going into Lv and checking out sizes before buying my mono speedy. All the way home all i thought was thats it :sad: i was expecting more, but took the plunge and bought a good used one and I was HOOKED!!

    I now have no issue dropping the $$ for a hot designer bag as long as its functional.
  12. I don't understand why people do this, unless it's out of ignorance. Maybe she got duped into thinking her fake wallet is real. Still, ignorance is no excuse, JMHO. People who deliberately mix authentic with fake are really out of touch with reality. :shrugs:
  13. your friend's sister doesn't happen to be MY SISTER is it??? :roflmfao:

    no seriously.. she asked me if it was okay to mix designer monograms, cuz when she got the manhattan pm, she only had gucci stuff, and had a gucci wallet and everything else.. so i said, yea it's okay, but it would look best with matching monograms. so she's like.. ughhhhhhh that's like $5-600! so she justified that in her head, as long as she can't tell on the outside, it doesn't matter.

    however, she doesn't wanna pay more than $20 for a fake, since it's a fake after all and doesn't think it should be more than that. lol. i'm like.. uhm... just keep saving? haha. she just bought a new car (2006 Infiniti FX35 w/sport pkg) so shes pretty tight on available funds.. lol.. but i rather her mix her monograms than get a fake and she listened. :flowers:
  14. Some people do not feel the small leather goods are worth that much money. I have a coworker who have quite a few designer bags but use the same fake LV wallet with all her bags.
  15. I can't understand it either. I mean, if she didn't want to spend another $500+ on a wallet, she could have opted either for one of the cheaper LV billfolds or a reasonably priced lower end designer wallet (Coach for example). Heck, she could even go for a non-designer wallet in a nice color made from nice leather. There's no reason to be carrying a crappy fake LV PTI with an authentic LV bag.