Wallets and Purses?

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  1. i currently have a gucci, pink bamboo wallet, which i love, but i feel like its time for a change and i would like something fun, as i have always gone for the classic LV logo etc. before, does anyone have any recomondations of brand or style or both?
    thanks for your help :nuts:
  2. Depending on how big you like your wallets, a medium-sized one are the Tresors in the regular mono and Damier. The one I've been carrying for 15 years is similar, and it's just not too big or too small. I can get quite a big in there.
  3. What do you think about this leather wallet?

    Patina Leather Goods Large Continental Wallet - pic off ebags.com which is offering it at 10% off $120 ie $108.
  4. i think i want something more fun, like you take it out and it is individual...
  5. You can try mulberry. They come in great colors. Or balenciaga. Or Hermes, you don't see too many of those around. Chanel has some nice wallets in all their traditional colors. MJ has some nice wallets on eluxury.
  6. What about Anuschka handpainted range. Some cute wallets here:
    Pics off anuschkaleather.com and shoebuy.com
  7. What about Chloe Paddington wallets? With the little padlock on it, so cute! I saw Fayden's anthracite one and it was gorgeous!!! Much nicer than the flat coloured one, IMO:smile:
  8. 1) The Hobo International Lauren clutch (on zappos.com, there are 36 reviews on this wallet/clutch and I think each reviewer gave it 5 stars!)

    2) and 3) are Parcel Handbags boot cut leather clutches ($131-95 each)
    4) Lodis Accessories Impressionist $151-95
    All pics off zappos.
    5) Lodis Opera Slim Purse ($90 now on ebags, normal price $95)
  9. Chanel and MJ has cute wallets.
  10. I also like the look of Monsac accessories:
    First two pics off monsac.com, the last two off ebags.com:

    1) St Tropez French Purse $115
    2) Trifold Wallet with change purse $95
    3) Monsac Items Framed Wristlet $98
    4) Soft Trifold Continental Clutch $98
  11. Coach has lots of fun colors for leather wallets and kate spade has the basic colors fo nylon. Her leather collection is pretty too.
  12. These are fun and cute :biggrin: Off ebags:
  13. I think Lovcat wallets are fun and cute too. Not too expensive either. I love the hearts on their wallets!