Wallets and accessories-What would you choose?

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  1. I just bought a new XL Hamptons Hobo in black leather.

    Everyone's patent crimson Madison shoulder bags are killing me!!! Love them! But I know it wouldn't be a "practical" choice of bag for me since I need one bag that I can carry everywhere for everything. I have PCE and want to stay under $200 which both of these choices will.

    So, I am thinking a wallet or accessories in crimson to cure the craving!

    What would you choose? TIA!!

    1. Coach Hampton Checkbook wallet courtesy of Ebay

    plus the large patent crimson wristlet #44425


    2. The Madison patent large checkbook wallet in crimson #44571

    Choice #1 is cheaper with both items than choice #2 but I don't know how practical wristlets are, I have never had one. I guess it can double as a clutch or when you don't want to carry your big bag?

    Help me out ladies!!! I gotta order my crimson goods today!!! :yahoo:
  2. I'm not a huge fan of matchy collections. Normally when I have a neutral color bag, I like to have a pop of color wallet. So I definitely think you should go for the crimson checkbook wallet. I prefer the zip around wallets but you need to carry a checkbook, those wallets are the way to go. I'm not a big fan of the big wristlets because I don't know what to do with them! They seem too big or something. The crimson is really pretty. And it will go with lots of stuff!! Good luck with your decision!

    Plus it looks like West County and the Galleria have the checkbook wallet in stock!! I'm an instant gratification kind of gal so that would make my decision for me! :smile:
  3. Thanks, BellestChele! Do the zip around wallets carry a lot? I don't carry a checkbook, I just figured there would be more spots for "stuff." I have a lot of cards in my wallet-not credit cards but like store club and discount cards and business cards for doctors' and such. Do you think the zip wallet hold all that?
  4. Those large wristlets are a pretty good size. You could get the patent wristlet and actually use it as a clutch for the night out on the town, kwim?
    Regular wristlets are really not good for much, but those large wristlets are really awesome. Especially if you can't buy the bag....I got the python sequins one, and I plan on using it as a clutch.
    So my vote goes to the wristlet!
    If you have never had a large wristlet, and would like a comparison shot with a soda can, let me know! LOL!
  5. I would pick the crimson checkbook wallet,,if you carry a checkbook, if not, the zip around. You will be able to use it for years. It's also large enough that you can use it by itself if you ever want to leave your bag behind.
  6. That would be really helpful. :smile: Thanks!
  7. I'm not really a wallet girl~I do find that the large wristlets are more useful!Oh and I love the skinny's for cash and cards:smile:So I would say the patent lg. wristlet~
  8. The zip around wallets carry a ton! There are 12 credit card slots for cards. And there is two side slots for cash, etc. There is a middle zippered coin section and another open section. I normally put coupons and such in that one. I think that they carry a ton! Another thing I like about the zip around wallets is that you can stuff it full and it doesn't look like it, it doesn't bulge all weird, you know?

    What I do is carry my credit cards, license, and insurance cards in the slots. And then I put the other cards on one of the sides when the cash would go. I have a ton of stuff crammed in to the zip arounds. lol You should check one out if you go today!

    Just for comparison, I looked at my mom's check book wallet. There are 13 credit card slots and two cash places. And the coin section on the back. So they are almost identical. Except the checkbook wallet doesn't have the open middle area for coupons, store cards, etc. I think it just comes down to whatever style you like most. :smile:
  9. Grr...double post!
  10. If I get the wristlet, I would need a wallet too, so I would probably get the one one Ebay where as if I get the large crimson wallet, I won't get a wristlet. If that makes sense. :smile: I am sooo sleepy today!
  11. Here ya go:

  12. I only use the zip around wallets and they hold PLENTY! I even put my checks and the check register in it. I have many cards and there are extra bill slots that I put stuff in like more cards!
  13. Sounds to me like your "fit" is more #2. If you are doubting ANY part of #1 then you'll contuine to doubt it after you buy it..and most likely go back to return it or wish you would've went with #2.

    So go for #2, cause to me it sounds like you wont use a wristlet and your already set on #2! Dont second guess it girl!!
  14. I agree! I just got my 4th zip around and I love them all! I can't believe how much stuff they hold.
  15. Thanks, Picky Coach Lover! Those wristlets are really big!

    Thanks, ladies!!! I will let you know what I decide!!! :smile: