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  1. #1 Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
    I just recently purchased the Midnight Maggie this past week at my nearest outlet, but they didn't have a matching wallet. My SA said that they had about 7 left about an hour down the road, but nothing really more than what they had in stock, otherwise. Do you guys think that it would be worth it to go and get the wallet or use the neutral gunmetal wallet/wristlet that I have??
  2. I would use the neutral gunmetal wallet/wristlet.
  3. I'd make the drive. I just said this on the other thread, but I really like matching sets. What's a couple of hours of driving? Plus, you never know what you may find when you get there!
  4. I've seen both, the midnight is beautiful.
  5. Do you all know if they made a matching wristlet for the midnight?? I haven't heard anyone mention one, but I know that they made them in the raisin color.
  6. Hi,
    If you really want the matching wallet, I would drive the hour. Otherwise, maybe go for different color. I usually don't match my wallets. I think the Gunmetal would look nice with it or even Silver or Black.
    Good Luck!

    Lynne :biggrin:

  7. I totally agree... Plus I saw the matching wallet this weekend and it is really stunning...
  8. I would stay with the gunmetal but I don't mind if my wallet doesn't exactly match my bag.
  9. I drove 2 and a half hours (round trip) one time just for the hematite jewel wristlet lol. Buttercup is right, I say it's worth it!
  10. Hey girls!! Just a note to let you all know that I did get the Midnight wallet...beautiful in person. I also was able to get the last agenda they had for a mere $19.99 and a mini skinney for $15 (with a $100 or more purchase)!!
  11. Wow! Congrats the Midnight Maggie is gorgeous. I love matching set.:yahoo:
  12. Ha! I was going to say..take the ride...you never know what you might find! I am glad that you got it! I have seen it, and it is beautiful!
  13. Thanks girls!! I think that it is beautiful as well!! Just wondering what color wristlet (cosmetic case) to put with her?? My other accessories are in black patent.....key ring,mini skinney, and black patent agenda....I try to get things that I can use in all my purses...
  14. Great, it was definately worth the drive. Congrats.
  15. Nice!!! I guess it was worth the drive. Nice score on the agenda-- I wish I could find one.

    How about using your gunmetal wristlet? That or a metallic silverish wristlet would be nice. Or the MFF ocelot "chubby" that's at the outlets now-- that would go well with your other black accessories. Or you could spice it up with something brighter like a bright pink or green.