1. Hey everyone,
    im buying another wallet lol , and i was wondering what you guys think would be the best color choise, the wallet is the porte tresor in either framboise or pomme d'amour or do you think i should wait for the epi colors that are coming out soon like the purple...
  2. Definitely Pomme ... goes with most LV bags and such an eye candy!
  3. pomme!
  4. pomme!!!! hehe i think i'm getting the french purse
  5. nobody thinks framboise is nice lol?
  6. Pomme. I think it's the best Vernis color to date.
  7. Pomme, its a wonderful color, I absolutely love it! :love:
  8. Pomme!
  9. i never realized how many people love pomme, i guess nobody likes framboise lol
  10. ^^^ I like framboise too, have it in zippy style ... I just love the pomme more. The framboise is also discontinued.
  11. i know , but i spoke to someone at vuitton and they found me one
  12. Thats why i really cant decide bc i used to love framboise and i love the pink shade, but also the red, its very hard for me to decide
  13. ^^^ well, in that case get the framboise for now while you can! You can always get a pomme in different style later.
  14. framboise is more sweet looking, pomme is more sexy :lol:.
  15. pomme, its just so beautiful..