1. I have a wallet-question. I know I want the koala, only..which one. I have 4 different styles LV: MC white, azur, damier and mono. How do you people do that? Only one wallet for all kind of purses or each purse its own wallet?
  2. I second this question. I really want to get a wallet and matching 4 key holder. But I have so many different bags. Changing bags is one thing (especially made easy by my Chamelion), but I don't think I want to change my wallet everyday too. What would be the best style to get? I've thought of the Vernis (Amarante). seems versatlile or the Damier? Any thoughts? Also are people happy with the Koala once you start using it? Or is the Zippy better? YIKES!!! so many questions....maybe I should have started my own thread?:oh:
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  4. I have a Mono Koala and I love it. I never change my wallet but I change purses daily. I have lots of different bags. I have Mono, Mini Lin, Damier, Azur, Denim, and Epi. I don't care that they do not match.

    I do match my Mono Cles and my Mono Pochette

  5. I would get it in Multicolor or in EPI.
  6. It took me a long time to decide between MC and vernis. I chose white MC!!
  7. White MC!
  8. I think Damier and mono match up with almost everything...The one thing I noticed with the vernis amarante is the fingerprints... not an easy wallet to care for.
  9. I have one wallet and that's all I will have...a black MC zippy. I'd rather put the money towards a bag!
  10. I think that mono is classic enough to match anything
  11. my girlfriend has on in MC and I love it. gorgeous in MC black or white.
  12. i change bags.. but not wallet.. i tend to use the same wallet everyday :p i love damier azur and MC !!
  13. I change bags all the time -- I always use my damier zipped compact wallet or my mono cles (i don't carry much). As for which koala to choose -- all of them are beautiful -- personally, I like the azur the best but I feel the mono goes with more. Happy shopping!
  14. i think i've almost decided to get a rasberry vernis wallet b/c the color will contrast good with all my bags.
  15. I would get the mono koalo. It's the easiest to match with everything and my second choice would be vernis.