1. Hi everyone
    I am looking for a wallet to match my gold birkin and I am not sure what sizes they come in. I have seen the dogon in a "travel organizer" size on eBay as well as a change purse size. Ideally, I would want a wallet that holds some credit cards, bills as well as coins but not something big enough to hold a check book. Can anyone make any recommendations on what to look for? Is there a medium size?

    thanks so much
  2. There isn't a medium size in the Dogon, just the GM which is rather large and the PM, which is quite small, almost more like a coin purse.
    I will say that the big size, while really big, is also pretty awesome. I find it very, very versatile. I use the coin purse separately and also occasionally I just grab my wallet and carry it as a clutch if I'm going out for the evening or otherwise don't want to carry a bag. I think BagAlley is selling one for a really good price right now, too--in Gold.

    The other option you might consider is a Bearn, which is much slimmer. I don't know that it comes in Togo though, and it's much more expensive as I am sure you are aware.
  3. As always, you have been so kind. Thanks Cynthia. I will take a look at both