1. Gucci unnamed wallet

  2. LV Pochette wallet in Damier

  3. MJ Brown Zip Clutch

  4. BV Green metallic

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  1. I really can not decide between the following wallets:
    1. Gucci long wallet with studs( i really hate how gucci doesnt have names for their pieces)
    2. LV Pochette Wallet in Damier
    3. Marc Jacobs zip clutch in Cocoa
    4. Bottega Veneta French Green metallic wallet

    which would you recommend?

    i need about 10 cc slots.

    oh and any other suggestions would be great
  2. Damier Brazza is the one i am using now, 12 cc slots, 5 long and 1 full size zipped compartment :yes: :love:
  3. LV of course.. you're in the LV subforum! hahahaa
  4. do you have pics? I'm not familiar with all of those. Is gucci quality better than it used to be? I bought a couple purses years ago and wasn't please. One was a disaster.
  5. LV Pochette wallet vote here!!!
  6. i think this should be moved into a more general category, because all of these people (including me:smile: are going to vote for the lv.
  7. yep... there's going to be a heavy bias towards LV in this forum.
  8. Ditto!
  9. Love the pochette wallet, love the port tressor even more. :graucho:
  10. I say LV of course but what about the new Eugenie wallet? comes in mono, both mc's, and epi! has 12 credit card slots, tons of room for cash! the pic is on vuitton.com under all those lines small accessories
  11. Perfect wallet :smile: