Wallet, zip clutch..should I? Owners I need your input!

  1. Hi all,

    Gosh its been a while since I posted on here. I miss it! :p
    So, I bought a black ZB back in November (still haven't gotten around to posting pics, I know..I'm bad) and now I want an MJ wallet. Not necessarily to use only w/the ZB, but to use in general. For those who own MJ wallets/clutch style wallets, how are they? I currently use a wallet that measures about 7 x 3.5 and I know that the MJ zip clutch is larger than that. What I wonder is..will I think its a humongous difference? And for those of you who own a zip clutch, do you use it regularly as a wallet?


    Also, does the non-patent black quilted zip clutch come w/nickel (silver?) hardware or gold? I saw one on eBay but just wanted to make sure. The medium size quilted wallet (w/a billfold) also looks cute....any info on that style? I've only seen the medium wallet in the quilted form, not sure if they made any in that size that weren't quilted. Lol ok I'm done...I'm sorry I'm asking a bazillion questions. Any input would be greatly appreciated! :heart: :heart: