wallet with weird smell...normal?

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  1. Just bought a brazza wallet recently...

    i was smelling it just now..smells like vineger to me

    it dun smell like the rest of the LVs i have :sad:

    is it normal?

    what can i do to "freshen" it up?
  2. bring back to the SA and ask them, or ask them to show another wallet (see whether got the same smell ?)
  3. Some parts of the Brazza wallet are lined in LVs synthetic lining, which they call Vuittonite. Maybe that's the cause of the smell? I know some other members have reported receiving LVs with odd smells. The smell usually fades away. I loved the smell of my LVs, but the smell was gone in a matter of a week or so.
  4. Can you exchange it still?
  5. If you don't live too far away from an LV, I'd go back and exchange. I know that would bother me a lot.
  6. Oh wow..thanks! thats very useful information. I never know that they use synthetic lining called vuittonite...mmm...:tup:

    when i just bought it, it dun have that smell...but it grew stronger...

    i'll prob air it out or something...i dunno...just hope the smell will be gone...just one whiff..phew...something might have died there ...for a new wallet ...

    I'm crossing my fingers that the smell will be gone soon...doubt i will change it as the next brazza might have the same issue n i dun think there is any other ladies wallet out there thats reasonably priced for its size and cc compartment ;)
  7. I was looking more closely at the Brazza I bought for DBF, and I can say for a fact that the coin compartment has that synthetic lining. The insides of the bill slots might also have it, but I didn't really look.