Wallet with many CC slots and nice coin section ...

  1. Is there such a thing? :confused1:

    I'm still on the hunt for the perfect LV wallet. What's important to me are lots of slots for my cards (10ish :shame: :s) and an easy accesible coin compartment.

    I'm using an older Damier Pochette wallet right now, which is nice, but only has 2 cc slots and is kinda hard to fit into pochettes :sweatdrop:

    I checked out the Koalas which I LOVE for their cc space, absolutely perfect, but the coin section on the back seems too small for me (I even had one friend returning her Koala for exactly that reason) :s

    Any other suggestion? At the moment I'm even thinking about a Mini Pochette with a CC holder as wallet as their nothing available which seems to fit my exact needs :shrugs:

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Try French purse. The mono, damier, and I think azur all have 8 cc slots, and it has a pretty big coin purse.
  3. I absolutely love the zippy wallet. Nice and generous, lots of compartments, 8 credit card slots, plus like four long compartments where you can put more credit cards, receipts, bills, checkbook register if you want, plus a long zippered coin section in the middle that holds lost of coins. It's smaller than the zippy organizer, holds more than the PTI (I used to have one of those - hated the coin section - was so big and bulky and it you had too many coins it was really bulky and if you didn't have enough - they would roll back and forth because it was SO big).

    I returned a french wallet - the bills just don't fit nicely in my opinion - if you have a lot of money, when you fold the wallet - it just doesn't fit nice, too bulky.

    I also found it wasn't big enough for me; same thing with the Koala. Koala's cute, but by the time I got everything in it, it was really "fat," then it was hard to put change in. Also, when I put a lot of change in it, it poofed out the back of the wallet.

    The zippy is just a perfect wallet! You're really organized, but it's very pretty. Come in mono, damier, and vernis - like the pomme and framboise.
    It's a really great wallet.
  4. I like to have a wallet with a lot of credit card slots and ample coin space too. When I am carrying a larger bag I like to use my Monogram Porte Papier Zippe Purse, which has 6 credit card slots, room for notes and a zip section for coins. Unfortunately they discontinued this style, but I found mine on eBay in great condition. When I am carrying a pochette I use the wallet and cles combination. I use the monogram billfold with nine credit card slots for notes and cards, and then a cles for my coins. The billfold is a few centimetres larger than the cles, so they both fit into a pochette easily.
  5. I have the compact zip wallet. It has room for 5 cc slots and a good sized coin section. I added one of those plastic CC holder thingies to it, to make it more room.
    I does fit into pochettes, but it's a tight squeeze and makes them look a little bulky.
  6. :yes: Either the Zippy Organizer or the Zippy Wallet. Both have lots of CC slots and big zipped coin pockets.
  7. The newer pochette wallets have 10 credit slots - they're great! But if you don't care for the size anymore, the French Purse and the tresor wallet are probably the only smaller wallets with very generous coin pockets. The tresor doesn't have card slots at all, though.
  8. I really like the Koala wallets, for sheer credit card holdability too ! :yes:
  9. Go for French purse, new french purse have 8 slots with perfect coin section
  10. Thanks for all your input ladies :flowers:

    yeah, I was looking at the french wallet, but it totally irks me that the epi, MC and Vernis version only has 4 cc slots .. what's up with that? :yucky: ... I was looking into more colorful items than Mono or Damier, otherwise I really like this style

    The Zippys sound pretty interesting ... I'll make sure to check them out next time I'm at LV :yes:

    Does anybody have a Whist wallet from the Monogram Glace line? :drool: I saw that on Karenkooper and it's absolutey TDF, though really HUGE I think ... but I wouldn't think twice if I could get my hands on one of those babies for a decent price :p
  11. i have the zippy groom organizer and i love it though not sure if it's too big for you. it's BIG but i adore it. room for everything!
  12. Koala - even though the coin purse is small, the fact that the wallet holds 9 cc's is great. You could always buy a cles for additional coins!!!!
  13. My mom has the Zippy Organizer........It is REALLY big, but it has a nice change area, a checkbook area, and 12 cc slots...
  14. lol, big isn't bad :nuts: .... I mostly carry around bags like the Speedy 35 or Baggy GM
  15. I was going to buy the zippy wallet - tons of slots and a great long change zip section. I wound up going with the zippy organizer because I really wanted to own one piece from the groom collection so instead of buying the zippy wallet and something else thought it would be cheaper to get the groom zippy organizer. It is a little bigger but I love how it opens up to really show you everything that's in there. As long as you carry a bigger bag then it shouldn't matter size wise. Just makes it easier to spot inside the bag. :yes: