Wallet with carly?

  1. I'm sure there have been a few of these threads, but nothing super recent about a wallet with the black on black signature print.

    I'm getting my first coach bag (I only have a mini skinny) for my birthday, and it will be the large black on black carly (not much of a surprise, is it?!). With my birthday money, I'm hoping to buy myself a wallet to go with it. Can anyone post pics of their carly and her little wallet friend?

    (hopefully I can just find a legacy stripe wallet on eBay.. and I won't have this issue...:graucho:)

    ETA: What is the lining for the black leather carly...can't seem to find one at my store!
  2. you could really do any wallet. signature legacy is a good idea but if not you could do a black sig hamptons one (6k10 or 6k13) because of the gold hardwear.
  3. the lining for the black leather carly is like...beige. i can't describe the color. unfortunately it's nothing exciting.

    i use an LV wallet most of the time in my carlys, but i think the legacy striped wallet would be GORGEOUS with the black leather carly.
  4. I have the large black on black signature and I use my black embossed wallet. Both and the bag and wallet have gold accents so they go perfectly together. You should be able to get one at the outlet if you are close to one.

  5. Oh thats sad.. :push:

    I may just wait on the wallet until I can get to the coach outlet. I'm not significantly close to either (Hagerstown or Leesburg) but I'm sure I can make it down there next month. Thanks for the suggestions!