Wallet - which one

  1. I am thinking about buying a LV wallet, but I am not sure which size.
    So I ask for your help. :roflmfao:
    Can you post pictures both outside and inside of your LV wallets, so I can see how much they hold?
    And also if you can comment on your experiences with your choises?

    Thanks a lot.

    (still looking forward to my first LV purchase)

    NB. By the way - I am very impressed with all the collections shown on this site.
  2. have you tought which kind of wallet and your needs to beggin with??
  3. I'd go with a PTI, billfold, or a Compact Zippe..those are the most useful for me.
  4. The compact zippe is very usefull
  5. I have the Epi Compact wallet and I love it. It's the perfect size- not too big, not too small. It holds like 5-10 credit/ID cards, holds lots of bills, lots of coins. Very durable. Sorry I don't have pics of my own but here are pics of it from Eluxury:
    wallet 1.jpg wallet 2.jpg
  6. I've just done a lot of searching. If you like a checkbook size wallet (which i prefer), I've decided I like the pti and the french wallet. I like cc holders, place for cash-or lack-thereof, and a place for change. Hope this helps. There are A LOT on eBay right now. But, run it by the authenticate sticky if you go that route. They're VERY helpful.
  7. I use a small agenda for my wallet. I don't have a lot of cards and I don't carry a checkbook, so it works well for me.