Wallet - What is the name of this style?

  1. I'm new to Fendi. Does anyone know when this one came out? Were there other colours?
  2. Cute wallet, I'm sorry I don't know

    BUT I often look at the serial number, type that into google and then you can find model names by going to the websites :biggrin:

    Hope that helps
  3. I know it definitely came in other colours.
  4. Its the Spy Wallet
  5. There were other colours too

    In the UK it is still in stores such as Harrods who have the blueberry to match the blueberry spy. It also comes in the larger size wallet too. Its yummy!
  6. I really like this! Cute in blueberry;)
  7. Thanks for the info....I think they had black, but sold out when I got there. =(
    How much is it originally? I hope I am not getting ripped-off...
  8. Its quite expensive - around £300
  9. Where did you buy it from? and how much?
  10. Very Cute wallet.