wallet variations

  1. hi ladies...i was hoping to get some of your expertise on gucci wallets.

    i have noticed that when looking at the continental d-ring large wallet that sometimes there is 6 card slots, and other times there are 12. i tried to notice if its variations in colour or material (canvas/leather), but there always seems to be some variations no matter what the material.

    is this because they change the style slightly from time to time? are both 6 and 12 card slot options available? is it made for different markets (europe/asia/north america)?

    i'm starting to wonder if the difference matters significantly or not...

    any help would be SO VERY APPRECIATED. photos would also be helpful.

    thanks ladies!
  2. omg! I am looking into a new wallet and I had your problem too! my last wallet was this one but in pink canvas with off white leather trim

    (sorry I can't take a picture of mine right now, but i found this one on eBay)
    and it comes with 12 cc slots. Now I was looking on the gucci website and they have this exact same wallet but with 6 cc slots.

    I have been looking for a new gucci wallet with more than 6 cc slots, but I can't find any that I like.
    I'm not sure why there are so many variations with their wallets, I assume it's coz they change their style as I have not seen my exact wallet at the boutique anymore. If anyone else knows, share with us! :smile:
  3. nobody has any info on this?