Wallet used as a clutch?

  1. Hello! Do any of you ladies use a H wallet as a clutch? I always do this with my wallet and am thinking of upgrading. I saw one of those flap whatever wallet things... and was wondering can you fit a small cell phone and a lipgloss in in the flap? Or, is there another wallet that is better suited to become a clutch?

  2. Are you referring to the new Kelly Wallet? I think if you have a lot, it can most certainly fit a cell phone and a lip gloss with no problems.
  3. I have a zippered globetrotter... my calendar is in there, my iphone my money and all my cards... I'm not sure it if will fit a lipstick.. I'm going to try it:smile:
  4. Does the globetrotter come in multiple sizes? I've been debating b/w the globetrotter & kelly myself.
  5. i would use the kelly wallet as a clutch, but a word of warning about sticking your phone in there. you might end up demagnetising all of your credit cards :wtf: i almost always keep my phones in my pocket for that reason.
  6. Really?! This can happen? I do it all the time and never had any problems....

    That Kelly wallet is gorgeous! Does it also come in pebbled leather? (Togo? Not familiar with H-speak here...) Someone mentioned it is limited edition - limited until when?

    I was actually referring to the Dogon wallet in the beginning - have only seen that in the stores... If you use it as a clutch - do you have problem with stuff falling out of there?

    I'm really loving the Kelly wallet now...
  7. it can. it's happened to me :push: it can be rather awkward in shops if your card won't swipe :lol: it's like putting tapes on your vcr.
  8. True! I recommend the Kelly wallet as a clutch. I can't see how one could use it as an everyday wallet.
  9. ^^ LOL, I meant "if you don't have a lot"

    You must be enjoying your lovely Kelly wallet, asa?
  10. I know there're two sizes for the Kelly Wallet. The long one I saw isn't the same as Lumine's. If I remember correctly, the coin compartment is not zipped but rather with two button closures.

    Asa, is yours the same as Lumine's? :confused1:
  11. I've only used it one. Good for running out for a quick bite, errand or movie.
  12. Almost. Mine is Ardoise chevre with the zip coin compartment. :smile:
  13. Thanks Asa. Looks like it's different from the one I saw then.
  14. I don't think so... there is a unzippered and zippered version. The Kelly wallet looks very nice:smile: I have 2 dogon wallets and the globetrotter but I never use the wallets anymore, the globetrotter does it all.