Wallet to match the Pond Ergo Tote??

  1. I don't know why but I can't stop thinking about getting the new Pond Ergo Tote I like the color its really different. But is there any other wallet out besides the small ergo one to match it??


  2. Yes, I was told there is a checkbook wallet..I was on the hunt for a slim wallet but nada
  3. hmm is the checkbook wallet out already ?? if so anyone know the style #??
  4. I like this one but in a green/blue color

  5. ^^ Did they make this wallet in the pink? Wow! That's a lot of pretty pink!
  6. There is supposed to be it's just not out yet!
  7. maybe Ill try the smaller one and see how I like it
  8. well i was almost thinking this one might be cute with it cuz of the blue inside?? what do you guys think???


  9. Oh wow oh wow! Thank you so much for the info! That is beee u tiful.

  10. Awwwwwwww you just posted my next DREAM purchase!! I picked both of the of them today at Coach.com to add to my wish list :yes::heart:
  11. I wish I knew the style # so i could order the wallet for the large one that is
  12. You mean this one ?


  13. yes like that one what is the color and style #?? thanks
    style # 40456
  15. Well turquoise and pond are two totally different colors - I don't think the wallet she just posted will go with the pond patent tote.