Wallet to match Damier?


Nov 30, 2006
Hi everyone!

My bf just bought me a Speedy 25 for Christmas (my first LV)! I'm thinking about buying a matching wallet before the next price hike. (Yikes!)

I'd really like a Zippy or Porte-Tresor, but I'm finding the prices to be kinda steep. I saw someone on a different post suggest maybe using an agenda as a wallet. Any ideas? I'd appreciate any feedback! :heart:
The Koala is very cute...and I'm eyeing a wallet from the Epi collection as well. So classic.

Thanks everyone! Everyone on this board seems so nice and helpful!
damier koala...i use it with my damier speedy 25...it's really useful..has 9 cc compartments and an additional photo compartment..also has an outside zipper for coins if u wish (i don't..i use my cles for coins..don't want it bulgy)..the koala nose is too cute to pass!
i prefer the zippy over the porte tresor wallet. however, i LOVE the koala wallet.

using an agenda as a wallet is a great idea... i think quite a few pf'ers do this as well.
Do you like to match? How about the Damier Koala? We have the same bag and I like red a lot, but I find that a red wallet kind of disappears in the red interior.
I'm in the same boat as you!!! I have the damier speedy 25 and currently carry the mono pochette wallet but I want a matching one and I'm eyeing the koala....love the red leather interior, it's so sharp looking!!