Wallet to Match Baby Carly??

  1. I have a Chocolate Top Handle Pouch Carly and I think I need a wallet to match. I'd rather have a mini skinny than anything else, since I need very little things. I have a khaki skinny, but it looks so awkward with the carly! So I need either something that matches completely, or some thing that totally stands out.
    Any suggestions?
  2. I think the patent mini skinny in your wishlist would look cute with it. I like pink and chocolate together :tup:
  3. Yes yes yes! Great suggestion Taralindsey!
  4. if you want to go tone on tone, the lurex mini skinny in gold would be a contrast to the chocolate but would be in the same tone scheme and look nice :smile:
  5. pink patent mini skinny!
    oh, that heart luggage tag would look great on her!
  6. you could get the one in ur signature the magenta is pretty....
  7. I love this...
    Or how about a wristlet? I use my wristlet as a wallet.
  8. That wristlet is on my "Hey Dad, I know that there's this Coach store right next to your gate at the Airport, so if you want to get your holiday shopping done then..." Wishlist!
  9. I really like the patent leather mini skinny in magenta. GREAT color with the chocolate sig.
  10. I agree with the girls who say magenta patent!! Pink and brown are great together!!
  11. magenta patent or even the teal colored patent mini skinny would look great
  12. I just bought this miniskinny and the colors are so pretty!!!!!

    and it even has a little pocket on the front!!!!!
  13. I know that some department stores like Macys and Nordstroms have the brown on brown Hamptons mini skinny and wristlet... so if you want something like that that matches, I would look there and maybe quickly. I went on a search for a few months and then just happened to stumble on them on the websites so I scooped them up.
  14. My first thought was the small wallet from the bleecker collection that was the chocolate brown and brown signature. But I have to agree with those that are saying the pink. I love the look of the brown bleecker items with the pink lining and I think the pink would really set the brown off.