wallet to match a damier speedy

  1. heyy guys,
    i wanted to get the damier koala wallet but i changed my mind since i like longer wallets
    what wallet do you think would look good with a damier speedy 30?:jammin::wlae:
  2. vernis pomme pti or pochette wallet :smile:
  3. I agree^^^anything Pomme looks fantastic with Damier!!
  4. MC Alexandra!!!
  5. PTI or zippy wallet in vernis pomme d'amour or in epi red
  6. i agree with the others, red looks HOT with damier! i just got a vernis agenda pm in pomme to go with my damier speedies!
  7. Monogram Vernis Pochette Wallet in pomme d'amour
    Or any of the vernis pomme d'amour wallets.
  8. Pomme Zippy .... :tup:
  9. Pomme zippy
  10. ^^^ ITA ... that's what I use with mine and with my LV black bags as well ... I love how the pomme goes with any of the LV's!
  11. A pomme pochette wallet but definitely match the interior of the damier =)
  12. ^^^ ITA! :biggrin:
  13. Alexandra!
  14. Anything in pomme as it offers such a lovely contrast against the damier canvas:heart:
  15. Pomme vernis! though monogram goes nicely too... in fact I think even Azur would be a pretty contrast.