wallet that matches tivoli

  1. i waitlisted for the tivoli pm and in the meantime i wanna buy a wallet that goes well with it. i don't want to get large ones like the zippy.. and i would like to keep the cost low =P any suggestions?
  2. Hmm, zippy coin purse?
  3. what about the eugenie?
  4. the thing is... i don't know if i should stick to a monogram one or one from the other lines... and quite honestly speaking.. i don't really really like the monogram ones... but i don't know..
  5. both multicolor and vernis are gorgeous, but they are more expensive than mono or damier. I really like zippy coin (wait for the damier pattern). How about a cles if you don't want something too big?
  6. how about a compact zip in damier? it's a great wallet!
  7. How about vernis for a pop of color?
  8. How about the Vernis Pochette in Pomme:love: ... it goes with most LV's!:tup:
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