Wallet suggestions

  1. As I posted a few days ago, I just made my first designer bag purchase of a Holiday Patchwork Duffle and a black Carly. My problem is I really need a new wallet that will go with any purse. The wallet I have now is black leather and has served me well for years, but the zipper is starting to have problems, and it really is too big. It takes up way too much space in my Duffle.

    So, I need a new wallet, and I can't really afford anything over, say $50 at this time. If I wait a bit, I could probably go as high as $100-125, for a really superior wallet. I looked at the Holiday Patchwork to go with the Duffle, but it cost nearly as much as the bag! Does anyone have any suggestions for a more economical wallet that would still go with either of my Coach bags?
  2. Do you have a Coach outlet nearby? I know you can get some fabulous deals on wallets there.

    I know some of the ladies were talking about using wristlets as wallets too - which would be in the 50-ish range.
  3. The outlets have had some good prices on wallets recently. I got one recently for 79.99 plus 20% off. They had different styles and colors. Good luck!
  4. Coach wallets cost almost as much as the handbags. They are usually around $200. At the outlets, you can find them for around $100. I don't think you'll find one for $50 anywhere except maybe on eBay, and you should be really careful buying a wallet on there.

    If you don't care if it's Coach, you can probably find a decent wallet for $50, though.

    I have these 2 and love them, but if I were you, I'd get a red one or something that you could use with black or brown.

    The second one I posted is only $100, though, and doesn't take up a lot of room.
  5. Yeah their wallets really are too expensive I think. I buy wristlets and they serve me just fine!

    But if you really need a wallet, try the outlets.
  6. I bought a Kenneth cole wallet and a perlina wallet to fit in my bags.....I haven't found a coach wallet I love yet.
  7. me either.. i've tried to like coach wallets but somehow they just don't appeal. so i bought a lv wallet which i love to death! :yes:

    just saw your budget, i agree with the others, search for you wallet at the outlets! maybe tokidoki for lesportsac if ya like that line? their wallets are adorable!
  8. Well, i suggest going to the outlets to check out their prices first. I really like LV wallets and Coach wallets have worked well for me too. I would browse around online and the stores and see if anything catches your eye.
  9. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the input. I'm in Oklahoma, and the only outlets I know of are the 2 in Vegas that have been mentioned here. (I'm trying to talk a certain tPFer into accompanying me there this summer.) I might look at the wristlet's, though, since I hate to wait until then, or even worse, buy a cheap wallet to tide me over.
  10. Check the sticky thread in this forum about outlets. There's a list of every Coach outlet that you can search and find one close to you.
  11. Ooh, thanks! Somehow I overlooked that!

    Hmm... there's one in Branson. I had kind of hoped never to see Branson, but it might be worth the trip, since it is only a 3 hour drive.
  12. try looking around eBay for one. (and be sure to visit the authenticate this! thread and double check on it)...