Wallet suggestions?

  1. I've been looking for some time for a wallet to match my bag. I have a caviar bag...i have no idea what the name is (its a square looking bag, comes in three sizes and the sides can be extended out). Anyways, apprently chanel does not have anything that matches that bag except for the zip wallet thats $715. Only problem is, i dont like the zip wallet- it only has 2 compartments and i feel like i'm going to be limited in space and how far i can open the wallet (becuase of the zipper the wallet doesnt open very wide...i see that as an issue).
    Right now i'm using a ferragamo wallet and i love it...but its old and i would love to get something matching! I'm looking for the two fold wallets...something similar to the louis vuitton pochette wallet type.
    Anyone have any suggestion?! Thanks!
  2. There are lots of different style wallets in caviar. What is the name of your bag? Is it classic flap? If you stop by any boutique, they can show you a look book that has all the wallet design.