Wallet Suggestions - Please HELP!

  1. I was invited to a cocktail event Thursday night. The boutique is a long drive but as long as the weather holds, I think I'll be attending.
    I've been debating about a new wallet, however it's impossible to decide based on web pictures. I currently own a groom zippy organizer. I LOVE it, however its too big for my daily use. I do not carry a checkbook or travel with a passport. I carry my drivers license, one debit card and cash. I do not use credit cards so don't have the needs for a bunch of slots. I also will not carry change in a wallet (hate how it marks it up and mis-shapes it). I don't like fat wallets either. I would like something that could also be carried in my pochette if I decided to use it for a quick trip. I'm open to any line (would love something in black multicolor but prefer the tiny logo's vs big)
    So with all of that said, which wallet would be the best bang for my buck so to speak?

    Thanks for your suggestion!
  2. what do you ladies think of the alexandra? i'm also looking for a wallet and cant seem to decide between the alexandra and koala. i love the gold brass on the koala, but the alexandra has so many compartments...


    i'm new to the forum and trying to learn how to attach pictures...hope this works...


  3. the alexandra also comes in the monogram and damier canvas
  4. my concern is that the gold hardware on the koala will become very scratched.
  5. I agree!!! I wouldn't like the koala if the hardware got all scratched up. I love my zippy!!
  6. What about the Mono Zippy Purse- it has a coin section and only 2 credit card slots. I just sold one because it didn't have ENOUGH slots for me...

    Here's a pic... I think there is another one on eBay... I sold mine for $325. I don't know if they are still available through Elux though. But I did see it on the LV website...


    EDIT: Ok my suggestion sucks, you don't carry change and need a SMALL wallet. LOL Sorry, trying to help.

  7. Oh yes I forgot to mention this thought .. I was going to ask you ladies if that would happen .. I hate icky marks and couldn't deal with scratches. Maybe I just need a smaller version of the organizer?? This is just so big and with my Mirage speedy having a stiffness to it, I'm worried about scratching up my groom guy.

  8. no it doesn't suck .. this is smaller then what I have and something I was considering ... just seems a bit pricey for what it is. Although they all are, hard to justify another $700 for a wallet (what my groom organizer cost) when I could buy a speedy for that!
  9. there is the zippy coin purse!! that is smaller than the zippy and sounds perfect for you.
  10. i don't have a suggestion (well, maybe a ludlow?) but about the scratches, i have a MC portemonnaie pochette with a big hardware circle thingy on it
    I have used the wallet almost daily since i bought it (11 august 2006) and no scratches!
    Maybe if i would really inspect it i would find some!
  11. I absolutely LOVE the Alexandra! I'm going to get mine at the end of the week in Black MC. I've played with it so many times in the store - love all the compartments and the fact that it isn't very fat, kwim?

  12. Oh gosh, I don't know how I missed this one!! This is superb, size wise and the few slots!! If it came in MC it would be perfect but I could also find something else in that later. I really want one piece of MC in my collection but not a fan of the larger logo's ... so was thinking either a cozy or wapity. Thank you everyone for your continued suggestions!
  13. i would vote Cozy, def. or for more $$$ Snapped billfold and coin purse