Wallet suggestion

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  1. Do you think that there is a good wallet that will work with both a Natural and a Black Ali? I really like the size of my mini bleeker or even the bleeker clutch which is a little bigger. I don;t care for the bigger wallets.

  2. I would just use a black wallet myself. I love the style of bleekers! :heart:
  3. I don't like black with the natural color. I don;t even like the darker brown of the bleeker with it but it would do in a pinch if I decided to get a black wallet. The brown I have already goes okay with the green bleeker flap. I'm trying to be frugal and find one all-purpose wallet but I doubt that will happen. Plus I love my mini bleeker so I will still want to use that some.
  4. You are too funny Jenn!! okay, how about one of these...

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  5. I know. :angel::sneaky::weird: :roflmfao: The red would be hot with the black but I dunno about the rest of my bags. Let's see...

    choc sig bleeker mini works with choc sig carly and looks decent with black bags and okay with the bleeker green flap and natural ali. I think I am either looking at getting something in Legacy stripe or a black wallet of some sort and using two wallets depending on which bag I am using, or just making due with the one I have... dang I wish the wallets were less expensive.
  6. Yea, I think red goes with black and natural. Great idea!
  7. uh, repeat that first part to me agian, I am lost! LMAO!! just kidding! Good luck to you Jenn cause you are going to need it!!

    I hear ya on the price of wallets. I am opposite as you. I can not have a small wallet. The slim ones are doable for me, but not the french folding ones. I just can't stand folding wallets!! I think I got lucky with my wallet I just bought off of ebay. I bought a large khaki/black carly off of ebay from a fellow TPF it turns out, and got a signatured Legacy framed envelope wallet in khaki/black BNWT for $147.50.
  8. I think you should get the red btw Jenn :yes:
  9. Sorry I am probably NOT making a lot of sense right now. I am sleep deprived due to stress about my soon-to-be ex-job and worrying about my follow-up interview next week with the job I really want back home. I'm going to log off and try to get to sleep and dream of Coach....black Ali....rose slim flap.....Legacy stripe....:drool:

  10. I'll think about it. It would look hot with the black :graucho:
  11. Sweet dreams Jenn!! Maybe what you want to get will come to you in your sleep.

    ***************Jenn, buy me!!! I am the red bleeker wallet**************

    Good luck with your follow up interview!! Everything will come out great!!!
  12. I think a hot metallic wallet would look great with everything! A nice pop!