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  1. I have this vintage wallet from a brand called Mithy. I love the style, the snap, the way it fits US currency comfortably, inner coin holder. But I want a backup incase it wears out.
    Does anyone know what this style is called or know of another brand with this style?

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  2. It’s a French wallet. Most brands have their own model.
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  3. One example from Bottega Veneta:
  4. Also called a French Purse (that's what LV called it, for ex.).
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  5. Thank you for the help! It seems that it is a very broad style, I am finding long and short kisslock and not and so many other options! I am trying to one that has the same slim profile as mine it will definitely be a search.
  6. I love my LV French Wallet, and it had been discontued! Waaaah! So I am here to see possible replacements when mine breathes its last. But I have had LV wallets last more than 10 years, I hope the trend continues! Folks, please post some good ideas for the future! But I need at least 8 card slots. Thanks OP for starting this thread!
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  7. I'm surprised they aren't popular! I love them and wish I knew about them before most brands discontinued them.
    Maybe mods can rename the thread now that we know the name of the wallet style so that it can get more attention.
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  8. The broken record here again - recommending Longchamp!:giggle:
    I feel so silly doing this in every other thread but seriously they have several different types of french wallets; they even have one with a cinch purse type of coin compartment (like on the LV french purse) if that's what your heart sings for.
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