Wallet Stuffage - How Do You Organize Yours? Photos Please!!

  1. For those of us contemplating a Bal wallet purchase, perhaps current wallet owners could post their photos here of their various models and how they organize them here? It will give all of us wallet-wannabes a chance to compare various styles and configurations. Please make sure to post style, colour and year!

    Many thanks!
  2. I love the Real Coin Wallet (the one pictured is Aquamarine from 2007), it's small so I can't over stuff it, which I like. Having said that, I don't keep receipts in it, I have an envelope in my handbag where I store receipts. I love to be able to just grab it and go if I am just going to the grocery store or a quick run like that and happily, if I do get a receipt, the front snaps open and I keep it in there until I get home.

    The front unsnaps with 4 CC slots and a mirror on the front (very handy!) and a secret compartment behind the mirror. The back has a zipped compartment which is divided in two. When you unsnap the front, a pocket opens along the back for cash.

    My debit cards and driver's licence go in the front "snappy" section, then my CC's, insurance, AAA cards etc go in one side of the coin compartment, and coins and those smaller cards from retailers in the other side of the coin compartment.

    You can't really over stuff this wallet or the snappy side won't snap shut, same for carrying too much cash, it gets too bulky. I don't knot if this wallet would work for everyone, but I adore it.

    I wish you well,

    Bal Real Coin Aqua 01.jpg Bal Real Coin Aqua 02.jpg Bal Real Coin Aqua 03.jpg Bal Real Coin Aqua 04.jpg
  3. I have the Money Wallet, and I think it is the perfect size. It has 8 credit card slots and 2 long compartments on each side, so a total of 4. Plus a coin zipper and a cute little outside zipper as well.

    I hope my pics are clear enough as they were taken with my phone.
    walletb1.JPG walletb2.JPG walletb3.JPG