wallet-sized pink eye candy for beauxgoris

  1. As promised, the pics of the Quarzo zip wallet. Given my truly dismal and woefully inadequate photography skills, I also included the far more true-to-life seller's photo. My own attempts to sharpen and correct the colour seemed to give it a weird pallor and shrivelled look in the weave. There's not a single white wall in our house and nothing photographs with any resemblance to reality, which doesn't help either. The wallet is actually quite lovely in person, and will easily pinch hit as a clutch. When my Magnolia Montaigne arrives in a week or so, I'll have my husband take over the role of photographer, so the bag has a shot at looking right.
    quarzoseller'spic.jpg 1quarzozip.jpg 2quarzozip.jpg
  2. While we wait for Beaux, I'm admiring your wallet--congratulations!! The Quarzo looks really good in the zip continental length.
  3. :nuts:

    How pretty!!!! My Ebano almost feels drab just looking at your fresh pop of pink! :love:
  4. Its so beautiful! I love the weaving leather and the gorgeous pink color. Congrats!
  5. I love the pink color. :love:
  6. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words.

    And Nymph, I'm thinking that an Ebano bag would look really good with this!
  7. gorgeous pink wallet !
  8. I agree the colour will really pop against a dark BV. I saw a medium Quarzo Veneta at the boutique yesterday and it reminds me of bubble gum pink! :supacool:
  9. Congratulations!
    It's lovely. I love this colour.
  10. [​IMG]



    :yahoo::yahoo:Another eye-candy wallet....it's my wishlist but i hope to find the parma color if possible....OMG~~It's so fabulous! Congrats~~
  11. Beautiful!!!!
  12. oh my god!! SOOOO HOT
  13. Ach, so gorgeous! Makes me want to dive through the screen and pet the leather!

  14. Love the pink! I also have a ball in this color....
  15. Tokyogirl - Do post a pic of u wearing the Ball pls... post it here as well as on the "BV in action' thread ok?