Wallet...Sig vx. Leather

  1. So heres my issue: my sister wants the Hampton Sig French Purse for christmas. she could use a decent wallet so i thought itd be a great gift. but i cant bring myself to buy the sig when the gorgeous leather is the same price! what do you guys think. should i be the bossy older sister that gets the leather cuz i know it will last her longer and is more classic in styling, or bite the bullet and get the sig?
  2. Which does she want? I agree the leather is more worth it for what it is, but I just bought a bleecker wallet in the signature/leather combo because I just love it... and if you are going to pay that much why not know it's coach!
  3. shes a wishy washy girl and if big sister tells her leather, shed get leather. but her list asked for the signature
  4. I'd buy her what she wants but put a gift receipt in the box and tell her can she can exchange it for the leather for the same price---
  5. Yes, I'd also buy her what she wants, some people just prefer signature over leather.
  6. I agree with the others. No accounting for taste, and while I agree that a leather wallet might last longer or hold up better (though Coach sig is pretty tough, too), it is her list and she ought to get what she requested.
  7. Like you I thought leather would be nicer. I just made a wallet purchase and searched high and low to find the leather, I thought it would wear much better. I found that leather wears nicely and get yummier the more worn/used it gets,.
  8. I'd get her the Signature, that's what she had her heart set on. A sig wallet will last a long,long time....so its not like the leather will last her 10 years and the sig only 2...the sig will last just as long as the leather in my opinion if you just considering what 'lasts longer'. I have the best of both words I have the Bleecker clutch style wallet which has a big piece of leather on it (the flap)
  9. I would get her the one that she wants. Some people prefer signature, some prefer leather. I agree w/you on the leather, but if she asked for the sig, that's what I would give her. Nice gift either way!
  10. so ive decided to bite the bullet and go for the signature with a gift receipt :smile: then ill just casually suggest that leather might wear better. thanks everybody!
  11. Good Choice! :tup: