wallet serial number question

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  1. It can be difficult to see, so lot of light, look where the leather ends, where the place for the cards are, :push:
    I can see my English is very bad :tdown:- hope this can help you anyway
  2. Look under one of the flaps, usually where the card slots are.. toward the edges of the flap, its often hard to find
  3. I have looked really hard under the flaps of the credit card part with a torch and i can see nothing!
    Is there any where else that it could be?
    I think ive been done with a fake!:tdown:
  4. I emailed the seller who told me that wallets dont have serial numbers at all. Can i just confirm with all you ladies who know that wallets do come with a serail number?
    I have asked for refund but want to know for future.
  5. Yes, it should have a number.
  6. Most fakes will have numbers also, so it is surprising if there is no number at all.

    You looked at the 2 compartments under the credit card slots?
  7. wallets def. have numbers
  8. did you find one????
    i hope it is just a trick of the light and you have authentic...
  9. maybe its under one the slip pockets closest to the middle of the wallet? that's where I usually find mine....
  10. i found it thanks for your help!
  11. Just cos there is a serial doesn't make it authentic. There are other factors too.
  12. mich as a precaution you should post pics of the wallet with the serial number in the authenticate this thread..... just to be certain!!
    glad you found it!
  13. ^YEP!PLEASE post all authenticity questions in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread only!
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