wallet sarah-damier azur?vernis?mono?

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  1. i really love sarah.but i'm in dilemma of choosing among those 3 styles. is the damier azur too hard to keep clean?

    waiting your reply and thank you!
  2. plus, i'm 24
  3. i have a vernis...
    i think they all look pretty nice :smile:
  4. VERNIS:drool:
  5. yes all 3 looks nice. for me i'm thinking to get vernis - nice pop of color against all LVs :smile:
  6. Love my rose pop sarah wallet! It totally brightens my day when I pull it out of my purse and I find myself ignoring people once I bring it out I just cant stop looking at it! lol....
  7. I was choosing between vernis (amarante) and azur also, in the end I got azur because of the finger prints. But I wish i got a vernis. It feels a lot better than canvas, very thick and all the colours are yummy.
  8. Azur for me :smile:
  9. vernis!!
  10. Vernis!! I love my amarante sarah!
  11. Vernis FOR SURE
  12. You have the RP Sarah wallet...ok..I am jealous ;)
    That is a *gorgeous* wallet!!

    To the OP..my vote goes for a Vernis Rose Pop Sarah wallet. Especially is you like pink...oh..it's too perefect :girlsigh:

    I have a Framboise Zippy & agenda and I love the vernis so much.
  13. Vernis!
  14. i love vernis for accessories....looks great, is something different and gives a nice pop of color against damier or mono
  15. Vernis :love: