Wallet Recs

  1. Just purchased my first designer bag (Chloe Edith Loaf in chocolate brown), and have decided to get a more adult wallet, since I just turned 30, to replace my Happy Bunny wallet (which looks a little weird next to the Edith!). Do you have any wallet recommendations? I don't want it to match the Edith, since I plan to get a black balenciaga city soon, I just want something classic, but not too plain. :yes:
  2. I really love the Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch. You can see a bunch of them in the MJ forum. They also have them on various websites.. here's an example from eluxury.com:

  3. I got the above wallet as a gift from my BF and was not sure about it, but now I love, love, love it! The color is in whiskey and it goes well with my muse in biscotto, as well as with other handbags. Good luck and tell us what you bought!
  4. oooh, that is beautiful. It has shot to the top of my list - thanks for the tip!
  5. you should check out Ferragamo, they have really nice classic wallets
  6. Seems that your taste is so differ from me. I like LVs and Chanels.

    Anyway, I think you might like MJ wallet???
  7. I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Flap Clutch, which I love. It's not too plain, and not too fancy. Nice middleground wallet, I think.