Wallet Recommendations!


Pug mom <3
Jun 21, 2021
I would say any grained leather from YSL will hold up very well.
My husband and I have various SLGs from YSL and they are very durable and have lasted for years.

Some things to consider:
1) Light colors (whites and pale nudes and pinks) may get dirty easier, but if you're going for something with a solid color (like blue or red) or any dark ones, they'll be fine.
2) Their grained leather can be quite stiff, it will take a while to relax as you use it, but it will hold your cards very securely (even after they stretch out a bit).
3) Their zipper compartments may be a little small and tight (and since the leather is stiff, it may not hold much), make sure that you're able to fit in what you want to use it for. (I personally prefer a snap button closure pocket over a zipper for YSL SLGs).
For example, I think this one may fit your need but I'm not sure if the zipper compartment is too small.

4) Depending on which type of wallet you choose, the ones that are tri-fold or bi-fold may become a little thick after you put your items inside. Make sure you're okay with that (best to go into stores to see). ie:

As always, best go to the store to see for yourself. You can bring the bag that you want to put it in to see how well it fits.

Hope that helps! Good luck!
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I recently got this wallet. I absolutely love it. Big enough to carry all your wallet necessities but small enough to fit in my Toy Loulou.

I've had this wallet in this colour for just over a year and it's holding up so well! I'm very impressed. And it fits everything I need. I double up a few of the card slots but it's a great no-fuss wallet that fits in any size bag.
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