Wallet recommendation- Multicolore Koala vs Epi Joey vs Vernis French

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  1. When in doubt, consult your tPF sisters!

    I've narrowed it down to three (in no particular order.) Look forward to your opinion regarding usability and durability! ;)

    1. Monogram Multicolore Koala Wallet in white with litchi interior.

    2. Epi Joey Wallet in rubis.

    3. Monogram Vernis French Wallet in orange sunset or pomme d'amour.
  2. I absolutely love vernis when it comes to SLGs... so I'd go with the French Purse in Pomme!
  3. None of the exact above.

    I would say a pomme koala.

    I love the style of the koala. Probably my favorite design. But not in MC, and I will show and tell you why.

    I have a white MC koala and like I said I love the design but it suffers from severe rub off after only 1.5 years.

    I just replaced it with a rose pop ZCP. I love vernis SLG's. I have a pomme cles and it still looks as the day I bought it 2 years ago. And it is inside my bag since the day I bought it.

    Here are some photos of it.
  4. Vote for Vernis French Wallet in orange sunset.
    I actually had it and luv it!!
    Good luck~
  5. beljwl thanks for the pictures! For some reason there is no Vernis Koala on the website. Is it discontinued? I'll inquire when I go into the boutique.
  6. I have the Pomme FP and I absolutely love it. It's my fav wallet LV makes.
  7. Monogram Vernis French Wallet!
  8. french purse in orange sunset!
  9. I LOVE multicolor but it rubs off (as shown above) the vernis is BEAUTIFUL and lasts, but beware color transfer from reciepts or whatever else we keep in our bags, I think the Epi is a great wallet choice when durability is a concern because you will have to burn it to destroy it, and the Joey has a nice set up.
  10. You already know I love French Purses, so either that (can we be wallet sisters? :heart:) or a Vernis Koala! Hmm, now I know why you were only mentioning multicolor koalas; I just checked the LV site and you're right, Vernis koalas are not on the website. Strange! Clasps on the koalas are SO cute! I really love gold hardware and vernis combo.
  11. I am pretty sure I saw the vernis koala last time I was in LV. You can always call the 866# and they can locate one for you.
  12. I love the Vernis range. Definitely the french vernis wallet in orange sunset. Though the Pomme d'amour is beautiful, havent seen many people carrying the orange, most people have a pomme, so I say get the orange to stand out from the crowd. :smile:
  13. French Purse in Pomme.
  14. First choice...Epi Joey in Rubis
  15. French purse in pomme :smile: