Wallet Question

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  1. Hello everyone. I've been on a bit of a shopping spree the last couple weeks... It's bad... but I've decided I need a Louis Vuitton wallet in my collection.

    I normally fancy myself a Zippy style wallet person (I used this ratty old Coach one for YEARS) but when I bought my DE Neverfull GM the other day, I decided to pick up a really beautiful springy colored Kate Spade wallet just so I could have something new, because I thought about saving for a Pomme d'Amour Zippy.

    This Kate Spade wallet is so compact but has a tonne of card slots and fits a LOT. It even fits in my Eva, which I was only using a card holder inside for the longest time. I actually quite love it, but of course it's not LV..... AND..................... I have a pretty lofty gift card I could use!

    That said.......... Vernis Zippy wallet? OR do I get the classic Mono Josephine...

    OR WHAT WALLET IS YOUR FAVORITE AND WHY? Part of me thinks 980 is crazy for a wallet but I love the Pomme d'amour color and I hear it's being discontinued...

    Please help! I have no idea what wallet I should get

  2. Seems like you really want the LV Zippy. I would go for it. Get what you love before its gone.
  3. zippy is my absolute favorite. I have two zippys, a zcp, insolite, and pti but only use my zippys.
  4. Zippy in mono
  5. What are your thoughts on Vernis? I would likely never own a bag in Vernis, but think it would be a cool SLG accent. I'm torn between Amarante and Pomme d'amour.

    Or should I go for a canvas zippy?
  6. I love vernis. It isn't as delicate as it looks. I have a vernis cles that I have dropped on asphalt more than a dozen times with no scratches. I own the amarante and bleu lagoon zippy as well as the white leopard zcp and haven't had any color transfer. However, I have the marshmallow PTI and the only time I had color transfer is when I put it in a black kooba bag. I blame it on putting it in a non LV bag!

    Anyways long story short -- go for the vernis. It's beautiful and well worth it.
  7. Amarante is so stunning- Do you think one might tire of such a bold color as Pomme d'amour for a wallet? Should I save something like that for a cles or something?
  8. Definitely not! Go for the bold. SLGs are the perfect items to have in crazy colors. Whichever color you like most in person is the one you should choose. Good Luck :smile:
  9. Thanks so much for your help :smile:
  10. I might be bias since I recently purchased a Pomme D'Amour Sarah wallet (which I absolutely love and adore) but my SA did tell me this color will be discontinued soon. I was also worried on how the vernis leather will hold up but so far, my wallet is in great shape.

    As far as zippy wallets go, the zippy compact wallet in damier ebene was my very first LV wallet. I really love this wallet a lot since it opens up flat and has multiple card slots. I literally used this wallet for 1.5 years straight with no issues. I also purchased a fuchsia epi zippy coin purse to use with my smaller bags, but find it to be too small. I still love it, but it definitely is not an every day wallet for me.

    I was originally going to purchase the monogram Emilie wallet in red, which is very similar to the Josephine in terms of material, but when I saw it in person, it definitely is a lot more "flimsy" compared to LV's regular wallet line. All 3 of my SAs were pretty adamant that I should not get the Emilie. Don't get me wrong though, for the price of the Emilie and Josephine, it really can't be beat; however, if you will be spending the money, you should definitely purchase something that will last for years to come.

    Ultimately, it comes down to what you feel is most functional for your everyday lifestyle and you should definitely get the one that will make you happiest. Overall, I would pick the Pomme D'Amour Zippy Wallet due to the possible discontinuation of the color and your love of a zippy wallet :smile:
  11. Do you find the Zippy Compact to have enough room? How much can you hold in it? I was going to get a full zippy but I also wouldn't mind something that can fit in my Eva.
  12. For my everyday needs, I find the zippy compact wallet to be the perfect size. It has 10 credit card slots, which is just enough for me (ID, debit card, 2 credit cards, and 6 store/reward cards). Cash fits perfectly flat in the large back compartment with 4 other compartments for receipts/coupons. There is also a zippered compartment for coins, which I actually use for my insurance cards etc since I'm paranoid about having coins in my wallet in the event it stretches the material. I end up putting coins in my key pouch instead.

    Even though the zippy compact wallet will fit into the Eva, I find it takes up a lot of room; therefore, leaving not much space for anything else. You can probably fit the zippy compact wallet, an iphone, and maybe a lipstick or 2 with no issues. I haven't tried it yet myself.
  13. Thanks so much my dear!
  14. You're welcome!

    I actually got curious and decided to see if the items will fit into the Eva and lo and behold, it fits more than I thought. The Eva definitely is deceiving.

    I have the zippy compact wallet, the 6 key ring holder, a powder compact, a lipstick, a chap stick, and I promise you my Nexus 4 cell phone with a clear case cover all fits nicely into the Eva with no bulging of the zipper. The picture doesn't show my phone since I took the picture with it, haha. I hope this helps you decide on your wallet. The only thing is, I don't think the zippy compact wallet comes in vernis?


  15. I have an Emilie wallet and it's my favorite! Before I bought it I kind of felt the same about the wallet being a little flimsy but it's not it's compact and light and I love it! I'm actually not a zippy fan. If your heart is set on a zippy in vernis then you should go for that, the fingerprints are an issue for me but most people don't seem to mind. The Jospehine has been released in Epi for $585 so that may be something to consider.