wallet question...

  1. I'm looking to get a new wallet. What is the best one to get...I can't decide, there are so many cute ones. I have a mono and damier speedy. So whatever one will be cute with those bags..Thanks:s
  2. If you carry a checkbook, you will just love the PTI. I am thrilled with mine.
  3. Look at it first, if you are considering a PTI. I have one and just hate it - I am waiting for it to die a natural death. To me it is very big and bulky. I wish I had gone with either the Zippy (the middle size one, not the organizer) or the Koala.
  4. as i have said b4, the agenda makes an incredible wallet and the mono pochette wallet with zipper. i wish i knew its name!
  5. Yeah... a PTI is the PERFECT wallet!!! :biggrin:
  6. Zippy wallet in new vernis red!!! Its the pretties wallet i've ever seen!!!!
  7. PTI is great!!! love the wallet. It holds everything and more.
  8. I have the zippy wallet in black epi and I love it though it is BIG. I need a big wallet and it suits me just fine (you know, because I have sooo much cash...!:graucho: ) It doesn't fit into smaller purses which may be a drawback for some. I have simply ditched all of my smaller purses!
  9. I was looking at wallets today and I am loving the PTI. I prefer the one with the zipper on the inside (instead of the snap). I carry larger handbags, so the PTI is perfect.
  10. The one with the zipper pocket on the inside is Pochette wallet, not PTI....:yes:
  11. ahhhh... Thank you! I was trying to find it and couldn't recall the name.
  12. I have a PTI, it's brand new, my husband got it for me as a gift, I never use it since it's so big. I used my epi compact wallet alot and lately I've switched to the ludlow wallet since I like small wallets that fit easily in my small purses.
  13. i like the one my mom has (the zippy organizer in the mono)....it looks classic to me....it is big, but she carries around big bags so they fit well, and also the wallet has 12 credit card slots and she always is getting more and more cards....i think for valentines day, we (from the family) are going to get her the card holder, a cles, and the mini pappillon...