Wallet question!

  1. Do most of you have matching wallets for your bags or do you basically use one for most bags? I'm asking 'cause I have 2 mono speedies and a mono wallet but am in love with the new vernis color and was thinking of getting a wallet. I know I'm being weird but I usually like my wallet to match my bag but I LOVE that vernis wallet! Do you think it would look funny carrying a red vernis wallet in the mono bags? The other main bag I carry in the summer is a Coach apple green vernis bag. Guess I'd look too much like a Christmas tree with that combo!
  2. i don't even use an LV wallet. i have a black Fendi B wallet that i use in all my bags, because it's black and goes with everything and it won't get dirty. i think it's fine to mix up the lines; i feel like using everything from the same line will get boring
  3. i think the vernis wallet will look great with mono! the green bag- not so much! lol

    i have a mono groom wallet that i wear with everything. i also just got a myrtille wallet. i have a myrtille bag that it will match perfectly but i also think it willgo with my mono, damier and other pieces...

    the wallet i think is MOST versatile though is damier. i think it goes with everything.
  4. i bought the candy apple vernis wallet to use in my Manhattan PM this spring. i think it adds a nice burst of color to the mono! go for it!
  5. I move my wallets through my purses. I WISH I could match everything though. Most LV wallets are as much as a Speedy though. So, can't do that all the time. Wish I could though.
  6. i don't like to match it up, i like the contrast. not like any one but me will notice anyway. plus, its a good way to have a little of each line you like and not over do the mono. which is TOO easy.
  7. I use Gucci bill fold and coach wallet. However I am going to get French Purse soon. (wishful thinking? Hope not. ) :graucho:
  8. Currently only have one wallet. would Die to have a pti in fuchsia but very hard to fine.
    I currently have a mono pti and its great. I would love one for summer and one for winter.
    I have thought about going for the framboise since locate that fuchsia is going to be hard and $$$$

    I would say its alway nice to have two. One for spring/summer and one for fall /winter.

    what style and design will all depend on you.
  9. I think the new red or old, epi or vernis would be HOT with an mono or damier bag, work great with the white or black Mc :smile: It will also accent the denim :smile:

    I think the mono works well with mono or course but would be a nice accent to the mandarin Epi and works with the green denim.
  10. I only use one for all my bags.. can't really afford a wallet to match each of my bags. lol
  11. I am a wallet addict... lol

    I have four wallets that I rotate every season with their coordinating accessories for extra ccs and the like:

    Damier Zipped Compact Wallet (spring)
    Mono French Purse (summer)
    Mono Mini Billfold in Khaki TST (fall)
    black leather Salvatore Ferragamo wallet (winter)

    I know, pathetic isn't it? :rolleyes:
  12. I just bought a pomme d'amour wallet and I plan on using it in all my bags (except maybe some chanels that have black leather inside because I don't know about color transfer). I will even use it in my damier speedy which "bleeds" but that's ok because it's red!
  13. Up until recently I only had mono bags. Now I have a damier, yet I still use my mono wallet. I think it looks good with it though. =) Although I wouldn't mind a wallet in epi...
  14. I love to mix and match...I would rather coordinate then be matchy, matchy!
  15. I love a colored wallet in a bag, especially vernis.