Wallet question :)

  1. I Have seen pic after pic in the "what's in your coach bag" thread with more than one wallet in ones bag. I am just curious to know what is carried in them that you would need two !! Haha :smile:

    Thanks in advance for answers for my inquiring mind :biggrin:
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    My main wallet carries my family's healthcards, bank cards, cash, coins & some points cards. The other wallet (usually smaller) carries, store cards, business cards & coupons b/c they do not fit in my main wallet.
  3. Ok that makes a lot of sense :smile:
  4. I carry a large accordion wallet with cash, store credit cards, and coupons. I have a small card case that has my ID, and my major credit cards. Then I carry a large kisslock coin purse for rewards cards and I have another coin purse I use for coins. I put the card case in one of the slip pockets inside the purse so I have easy access to it.
  5. These are great ideas! I keep insurance cards coupons and such filed in a drawer...maybe I should get another wallet instead :smile:
  6. I use a larger checkbook wallet, with my ID, insurance cards, credit cards, cash. I used to carry a second small wallet with the store cards, and use that for my change.
    But that second wallet was a little heavy, so I picked up a small card case and now use that for my store cards, and I use a coin purse for change. I leave both behind if I know I'm not going to use them that day so I have less to carry.
  7. ... Maybe it's loads and loads of cash! :p hehehe
  8. I downsized my wallets and just carry one now. Pay off the cards and downsize was my goal and I did it! I just carry my id and medical cards with cash and that's it. But I still carry a big @ss wallet. Lol.
  9. I have one with my essentials that I can grab and go for the diaper bag on the weekends or for quick trips. My other holds store cards/less used cards that are not necessary to have at all times. Maybe this is why I have a monthly appointment with my chiropractor . . .

  10. Could be! I once worked in a small retail store and one of the customers left her purse there. When I found the purse I had to look at her wallet to get her information so I could contact her. Well, she must have had about 2 inches of cash in that wallet, it wouldn't even bend to close, lol. I didn't count it or anything, but there was a lot of cash there. Funny thing is she came in about 10 minutes after I called her, grabbed the purse, checked to see if the wallet was still there and stormed out without saying thanks or anything. I think she was so scared she had lost her money that she was all shook up.
  11. I'm trying something new since I got my new purse. I bought the large wristlet. In that I have coins, a few store cards (that aren't on my keychain), and cash. I happened to have a card case that matches the purse and wristlet, so in that is a pics of my kids, my credit card, debit card, license and insurance cards. That goes in my wristlet.. and can easily be taken out to go in my small crossbody or mini purse for going out w/ friends. In the wristlet I can also fit my phone and attach my keys, so sometimes that will be all I need. For coupons.. they are all in a binder w/ baseball card holders. (easy to see everything). :smile:
  12. Hhhhmmmm good thought....
  13. I carry a freaking massive Tumi travel wallet that holds friggin everything I own. It's heavy. But I still carry a separate little coin purse mini-skinny thing simply bec I don't want that floating with my paper and cards. I have a totally separate cranes card case for my business cards in a separate pocket :smile:
  14. TBH, I don't need to carry the extra cards with me everywhere but it gives me a reason to buy more beautiful wallets/wristlets/cardholders/pouches........and I'm not afraid to admit it!!! :graucho:
  15. Lol, that's exactly what I was thinking and wanted some enablers to prove to me that I am right!!! So I created this thread bahahahahaha